Prop Making

 GEM’s fantasy objects are imbued with a unique sense of spirit, fantasy, character and tactility.

I develop my makes through meticulous research and work closely with designers to deliver bespoke hand-craft props.

The props are made with organic materials, found objects, reclaimed, repurposed and recycled materials.

Using colours from natures and biobased sculpting materials.

Apple wood, horse shoe, soy wax, oxides.

Wool dyed with Red Cabbage, Smokebush, Apple and Woad

Hand embroidered with naturally dyed cotton, filled with Mugwort, Sage, Thyme and Rosemary.

Steel, Apple Wood, Oxides. 

Clay Vessel stained with Iron and Oxides.

Cotton dyed with Madder Root, Logwood, Woad and Iron. Onion, Garlic, Sea Feathers. 

Walnut Wood, Iron, Walnut Stain, Oxides

Blackthorn, Apple Wood, Hazel, Ash, Flax Rope dyed with Iron, Madder Root, Logwood, Woad and Indigo

Naturally dyed Hemp, Rose and Flax Raw Fibres, Copper and Steel.

Snail Shells, Flax Rope, Flax Fibre, Blackthorn, Rowan Berries, Cotton. 

Horse Shoe, Apple Wood, Hemp Rope, dyed with Logwood and Iron.

Naturally dyed Mushroom and Stone.

Found objects, dyed with Iron, Beeswax.

Mugwort, St Johns Wort, Ragwort, Rosemary, Willow, Rowan, Hawthorn, Cotton dyed with Madder, Woad, Logwood and Iron.

Glass, Cork, Beeswax, Oxides

Bramble, Cotton dyed with Logwood, Woad and Iron.

Found objects, dyed with Logwood and Iron. 

Hazlenut, Crab Apple, Cotton dyed with Logwood and Iron.

Nature Replica

Waste plastic carved into replica Animal Bone.

Chicken Feet made with articulated Armatures which can be repositioned adding a greater sense of life and realism.

Aluminum wire, waste plastic, Vegan Skin made from latex dyed with Weld.

Pigs Feet made from Beech wood, aluminum wire, clay, raw hemp and flax fibre and waste plastic.

Blackberry and Madder Root Ink Blood.

Vegan Skin made from latex dyed with Madder Root, texture cast off upcycled textiles.

Found Objects

Driftwood, Waste Marine Plastics, Upcycled Textiles,
Seaweed, Stone, Shell. 

For all enquiries please contact

︎ @gemecostudio